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About Me

Welcome to OtakuGuru.
Hi everyone,  I’m Robert, the owner of OtakuGuru.com. Mostly I use RobertoGD as my nickname [I’m Otaku and WebDeveloper, MobileDeveloper, Graphic Designer, Gamer]. But here you can find everything under admin name: OtakuGuru.
If you contact with me You can just call me Rob. Blog is based in Bristol [UK].
Manga & Anime is my passion, I grew up with it. I hope my passion bring you most of the latest news from Japan and about Anime, Manga, J-games, J-music etc!


About OtakuGuru

OtakuGuru is a website with the latest news about Japanese Anime, Manga, culture, gadgets, games, convention. Also sometimes you find something not related with Japan like games [because I’m gamer and retro fan]. I know that there are many people just like me, blog about everything the same. But I’ll try to make it different and bring you some review, photos, figures reviews, japanese snacks you will not find anywhere else.
I decided to create this website bring you my experience here and  to collect all the news in one place. I believe you can save some time. So please subscribe RSS, follow Twitter, FB, Instagram.



Want to help or contact with me? You are very welcome.

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